2023 State of Play Report

Data-driven personalization: The future of streaming content

To counteract the rise of overwhelming media choice, personalized viewing experiences present an enduring solution.

Behind the rise of ad-supported streaming

Audiences are so overwhelmed by content options, many give up on watching altogether.
This could be fueling growing interest in linear-style FAST channels.

Since 2020, the amount of content available to TV viewers has grown by more than 1.1 million individual programs1.

Overwhelmed by choice: 20% say they don’t know what to watch beforehand and couldn’t find something to watch—so they did something else instead.

There are 1,434 FAST channels now available, many leaning into the appeal of classic TV with linear-style programming.

1 Gracenote Global Video Data; 1.6 million unique titles available February 2020; 2.7 million available in June 2023.

Building better content experiences

This report breaks down how to enhance channel programming, tailor recommendations and customize user experiences across FAST channels and beyond.

Power personalization

Discover how metadata can crack open personalized FAST viewing experiences.

Unsilo content discovery

Evolve your distribution strategy to work beyond individual channel levels.

Sharpen ad targeting

Learn how content-level metadata can enhance overall ad targeting for streaming.

The insights you need to act FAST

Download the 2023 State of Play report and discover how to get ahead of the streaming curve.