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What is your favorite TV show about? Why do you like the stories you see? Who are the characters and stars who touch you?  As media platforms diversify, and populations evolve in our communities, the stories we see in the media should reflect our diverse voices and experiences. Nielsen has long been known for counting everyone. Now we are taking that further, to ensure that you are not just counted, but are seen and heard.

Shattering Stereotypes: How Today’s Women Over 50 are Redefining What’s Possible On-Screen, at Work and at Home

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is #ChoosetoChallenge. Women over the age of 50 are taking this choice to heart, successfully redefining these years as their new prime time. They run companies, march for human rights and work to advance our communities and care for our families. But their limited presence on screens and how they’re portrayed don’t reflect their importance—and forward-thinking content creators and brands know that must change. 

Check out our latest Diverse Intelligence Series report to learn how overlooking “women of a certain age” means undervaluing not only their influence, but ultimately your own brand’s potential.

2020 Diverse Intelligence Series: Inclusion on TV

To support the media ecosystem with insights essential to understanding the current condition and accelerating change, Nielsen is launching our inaugural report on inclusion in TV. 

Our goal: help the media industry create inclusive content, powered by diverse content creators.

Now, media programmers, distributors and advertisers can more effectively assess how investments in diverse talent and content can improve audience engagement, advertiser reach and increased visibility of underrepresented groups in media.

Check out the highlights:


Use our interactive tool to learn more about 

  • Inclusion by gender and ethnicity
  • Inclusion by program genre e.g. comedy, drama, reality, news
  • Inclusion across broadcast, cable and streaming platforms

HOW to use

  1. Click on the blue headers to select the information you want to explore
  2. Click on the buttons on the left to choose the platform: Broadcast, Cable, SVOD (streaming video on demand) or Total (combined view of all platforms)
  3. Select the identity group on the right drop down list

HOW to read

  • Hover over each of the bars for the specific value. If the value is under 100, that identity group is underrepresented.
  • For Inclusion Opportunity Index (IOI)* and Genre: the mid-point (100%) indicates where on screen representation of an identity group (e.g. women) is on par with their representation in population estimates. 
  • For Share of Screen (SOS)**: The % indicates representation of each identity group in the top 10 recurring cast members in a program.

*Inclusion Opportunity Index (IOI): compares the SOS of an identity group (e.g. women) to their representation in population estimates
**Share of Screen (SOS): Identity group (e.g. women, LGBTQ, Hispanic) representation among the top 10 recurring cast members


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Your voice, your preferences and the power you yield as a consumer matters. It matters not only to the businesses that produce the products and media you consume, but it also matters to us. At Nielsen, we are committed to being responsible with the personal data we maintain and we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of the personal data we collect.